The Clink {College Senior Roommates College Senior Portrait Photography}

These lovely ladies are roommates at an incredible house on the campus of the University of Kentucky jokingly dubbed “The Clink”!! There are no bars or prison garb. It’s actually a fun & inviting space where these beautiful, smart women have spent hours studying, laughing, growing, making mistakes, learning from them and doing a whole lot of becoming adults!! They also spent quite a bit of time at the nearby Speedway buying snacks I’m!! Their senior year has come to an end, but these years will forever be remembered as some of the most special & cherished. Good luck to each and every one of them as they embark on their own personal journeys!!

And I must put a little business plug in!! I loved doing this session so much that if you have a house, a dorm floor, an apartment….whatever it may be…of college roommates who are graduating, consider a day of individual & group photos to commemorate your college experience! I would be happy to travel for this type of session & would love to talk?with you about it! Hit my contact button if you might be interested!!!


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