Here you are! You’ve booked your photo session, and you have a vision of what you want your images to look like. But what should you wear?! This is always the first question on people’s minds when they want professional photos. Now add a tween girl into the mix, and the search just became more […]

Tween girl sunset photoshoot in St. Louis, MO at Lafayette Square Park

When you get a new modifier & your favorite red-headed model is up for a fun photoshoot, this is the result!! I was testing out my new #Godox 65″ parabolic reflector with a few different lighting setups. I’m loving it so far! It gives off the most beautiful soft light & it will be a […]

Braden’s Senior Photos!! By the end of this session, I was trying to convince my nephew to give modeling a shot. He’s got that smolder down perfectly! I can’t believe that he is 18; it seems impossible!! And I’m seriously so excited for this year for him. He’s got so much fun in store with […]

This family is the best!!! I love photographing them every year & I can’t believe how big the kids are getting.?Alison & Josh?have been my best friends for many years & that just makes photographing them even more special! I changed Max’s diaper long before I picked up a camera…lol! I have watched their relationship […]

These lovely ladies are roommates at an incredible house on the campus of the University of Kentucky jokingly dubbed “The Clink”!! There are no bars or prison garb. It’s actually a fun & inviting space where these beautiful, smart women have spent hours studying, laughing, growing, making mistakes, learning from them and doing a whole […]