Newborn Beckett {Saint Louis Newborn Child Family Photographer}

There’s nothing I love more than photographing a growing family!? I’ve been photographing this family since Danielle was pregnant with big sister, Teagan.? About 30 minutes into Beckett’s newborn session, I had this deja vu moment. The siblings look so much alike that I felt like I was transported back in time photographing newborn, Teagan. It was wild!! It blew my mind how much they looked alike as newborns..and how did I not realize it until a quarter of the way into the session?! One thing I do know is that Danielle and Ryan are going to have to write on the back of all of their photos if they want to know who is who in the future…lol!? Congrats again, D family!? Thanks for trusting me to capture this special time for you!

Newborn Family PortaitPosed Newborn PortraitNewborn Sibling Family PortraitSibling Newborn PortraitPosed Newborn Portrait (2)Father Newborn PortraitMother Newborn Portrait

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